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Life experiments

I really like the idea of taking an experimental view on life (I am a scientist after all). Trying out something new, a way of eating, sleeping, working, living, to see how it affects me and my life. And then continuing it or not, or just have another interesting experience to remember.

In September last year I tried juicefasting, and failed miserably. Which was not a sad thing, because it made me discover I really really like food, and not eating is really really not good for my mood.

Another example, also in the food department: some months ago I cut out sugar (almost) completely, which worked quite well for me. I was quite grumpy the first week, but I did not really miss the foods and drinks I chose not to eat. It was a positive experience. (I did start eating sugar again, because, well, sugar is nice! and difficult to avoid at times)

There are other things I’d like to try out as well:

  • Not talking for a day or two

And of course, those should be days I don’t spend home alone. Preferably work days even (although I think picking a day without already scheduled meetings might be handy)

  • Eat vegan for a while

Starting with a week or so. Seeing how easy or difficult it really is.

  • Do something creative each day for a week

Should be easy with all the inspirational stuff I see/read/have around, but getting around and actually doing stuff is hard

  • Getting up at 6am for a week or so

To see if that works for me, although it is going to be difficult because of the evening-meetings I tend to have a few times a week, which lead to me going to bed late.

  • No news for a while

No newspapers, no radio, no internet-news-sites. Let’s see how well I hold up, because I do like my daily dose of what’s happening in the world

  • Try out running.

I hate running. I run when I have to catch a bus, I usually say. But I did read a very simple and attractive running-schedule in a magazine I read (actually the only magazine I faithfully buy and read each time it comes out), so maybe I should try it out, to see what all the buzz is about.

  • Do something sexual daily for at least a week.

I do masturbate daily, but some more active attention to sexuality would not hurt, and is probably even very nice and entertaining.

Anyone any other interesting or challenging suggestions?


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