Moneyslavery is one of the stranger fetishes under the big bdsm-umbrella. Usually it consists of a submissive guy who likes spending money on a dominant women (but of course, all genders can apply to each role). Often the money is spend on lingerie, clothing or shoes. Sometimes also on dinners (e.g. where she has a large expensive meal, and he has just a salad), other items than mentioned above, or is it just cash what’s being spend, which can also been transferred through a bank instead of physically given. Often the guy does not want anything back, not even seeing the women in the clothing he bought; it’s the spending money on her in itself that gets him off. Sometimes the fact that she will wear the lingerie which is bought by him while being with someone else, is even more exciting for the moneyslave. This aspect is related to cuckolding.

Moneyslavery is an appealing idea. And where in the past I thought this was nothing for me, since I was not dominant, just sadistic every once in a while, I get attracted to this more and more. The fact that I am often broke these days makes it even more interesting of course. But even just the idea that I am this amazing women, worthy of being spend loads of money on, just because I want him to, is a very nice thought. Even arousing in some sense.

I am going to ‘spend’ some more time thinking and fantasizing about this, and then maybe even explore this new, more dominant, side of me *insert evil grin here*

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    Kacey said,

    (here via link from sexgenderbody!)

    I find it an interesting concept as well. As a dominant, I don’t like humiliation play (yes, how bizarre that makes me, I know…and lonely…*sigh*) but I do love the idea of “tribute” that financial dominance entails. I love the idea of being “in charge” of something SO tied to a submissive’s concept of him/her self, and as you point out, of being the “goddess” the submissive makes sacrifices for.

    Definitely something worth exploring, I agree!

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      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      Hmm, I did not see it like that, the connection to the self-concept. Maybe because for me having money or not, is not something that defines me, or that I use to define others. But if it works like that for the submissive, it does make it more appealing.

      (where did sexgenderbody link to me? can’t find it myself, and I am quite curious now…)

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