On give-aways: Annoyance level reached.

Give-aways are a common thing in the blogosphere. When a blog gets enough readers, companies might send a blogger a sample product (relevant to the blog’s topic) to write about. And when a blog has even more readers, the companies might even want to give away stuff through a contest. Sometimes the blogger itself is a nice person, and makes a contest around something self-bought or -made.

This is very nice and all, but why are those contest always just including USA and sometimes Canada? Europe (where I live) is always excluded, and so are Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. Or maybe I just read the wrong blogs? It’s not that I desperately want to win stuff (although I did come across items that were very nice), but acknowledgement that there are also readers outside of the USA, would be  nice, every once in a while.

And the solution is so simple: just share the shipping costs with the winner, or let the winner pay all. Problem solved, and reader annoyance vanished.

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