Suspension <3

Bondage rocks. I have been loving ropes since the beginning of my bdsm-career, but I never had partners who had a lot of experience in this field. I started anew with at least three people, so more extreme stuff than a harness, binding of breasts and tying together wrists had never happened.

Luckily, I do have friends who are very into bondage, and also into suspension. So a few weeks ago I asked Dancer if he could do a suspension with/to me. He liked the idea, and the boyfriend was fine with it too, so one week later the boyfriend and I went over to Dancer’s place. In the middle of the living room he had put a hook in the ceiling, which was stable and strong enough to handle a body hanging from it.

I started with getting (almost) naked, and Dancer started with a chest-harness and tying my arms behind my back. This gave some slight problems because me arms started to hurt relatively quickly, but the pain passed after the ropes were adjusted a bit. The next part that got ropes around it were my thighs, after which the harness was attached to the ceiling-hook. We decided on a sitting position, so first my right leg went up in the air, followed by my left.

… which lead to so much pain in my arms, that I had to be led down immediately.

We did some ground-bondage afterwards (also so the boyfriend could learn), but I felt quite disappointed, because I had been looking forward to hanging in the air a lot.

Luckily, the next chance presented itself just three days ago. I spend sunday-afternoon at a play-party with some friends. I used to be a regular there, but because of the end of a relationship and the distance (1.5hours by train), I had not been there in a while. There I re-met a women,  who I had talked with a bit on a party two years ago. When I saw another women in the ropes, I made a comment on her possible dizzyness since she was being swirled around, the woman offered to let me experience it for myself.

First semi-nakedness again, then some ropes above and under my breasts, and some around my hips, in a very simple way. Then some ropes around my ankles, separate from each other. After some fiddling with the suspension-point, I went up in the air, horizontal, belly-down.

I was being made to twirl in circles, and swinging back and forth. She discovered that I squeel when being hit hard enough with a wooden spoon, and I discovered that being stroked with a fox-tail is incredibly nice and soft. The most difficult thing was breathing, unexpectedly, especially because the rope around my hips kept sliding to my belly. Because of that, it did not last as long as I would have ideally liked.. I was taken back to the ground, the ropes went off, and after a big hug, I went back into the real world again, with friends and chinese food.

picture from here

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