Another poly up-date… for the boyfriend

I always was the one in the relationship with the boyfriend that wanted to date others. He always found that idea more difficult, because of some deeply ingrained idea of cheating, and because of uncertainties on how to go about hitting on someone. However, suddenly there is quite a chance that the boyfriend will go on a date somewhere in the coming weeks.

At a concert a few weeks ago, he re-met someone he had a short (sexual) fling with about 8 years ago. They talked a bit, but she was busy working at the bar, so he got her number, and planned on calling her to go out for a drink. It took some courage to actually call her, and when he finally did, she did not pick up. That was one week ago, and he called her again last weekend, but she did not pick up again. I hope she calls him back soon.

The idea of him going on a date is a bit scary on the one hand, but very exciting on the other. She does not know about me or our poly-situation yet. It will be the first time he tells that to someone he is interested in. I am curious how this talk will go. If it will go as difficult as he thinks, or as easy as I think it could go, if she really is as interesting as he feels she is. I mean, somewhat kinky girls, who walk around in alternative scenes, tend to be relatively accepting of less common relationship-types. The scaryness of it all, comes from the fact that this is a completely new situation: I have never had a partner who also has relations, sexual or otherwise, without me. But besides that, the idea of someone else hitting on my boyfriend, and of him hitting on her, is even somewhat sexually arousing for me. I hope this feeling stays when their date comes about.

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