Seperation anxiety… with my libido

The past couple of days I have been horny as hell.

Well, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but at least I have been hornier than I was in the months and months before. Then suddenly it hit me: I had stopped taking my contraceptives pills, because I kept forgetting them, and I would be getting a new contraceptive soon (Implanon). The pill is known for lowering libido, and apparently this effect had been greater than I thought. (I had quit contraceptives before, for a few months, but that was just after the rape, so the higher libido was overshadowed by the negative effects of that event).

I got my implanon yesterday. And now I’m afraid my libido will be gone again. I just started to feel like myself again!


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    Icey said,

    Well.. I could always make sexual jokes and stuff.. maybe that helps.. if you laugh about sex it might become FUN again 😛

    I really don’t know what im talking about though.. so don’t mind me.. though jokes are always good.

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