Yay sex!

Today I had a lazy day. I started of by reading the blogs I follow, and came across this post. There were two remarkable things about it: I read it completely, and it turned me on. Lately I had not been reading sex-posts, since they made me feel uncomfortable, but this somehow hit the right spot. Maybe the funny part about the toybag eased me into it*. Also, heterosexual sex, especially penetration is something that invokes anxious feelings. This time it didn’t: a happy surprise! I was a tiny bit aroused for most of the day, but did not do anything with it. Before dinner I searched for some porn (which is also something I rarely do, but I felt like it), where also penetration and penises were involved, and it made me come in no time (which some aid of my fingers). I had a little post-orgasmic blues, but that dissolved within 15 minutes, and I wanted again… Only my internet-connection, which had been buggy all day, had given up the ghost, sadly enough.

Now I’ll first have dinner, hoping that the internet will be back soon (so I can also post this as well: go meta-messages), and than the evening will be spend enjoying multiple orgasms, while watching porn in which people actually fuck. Yay me! And yay sex!

*I could relate to it too, since I once brought a flogger with me from a holiday in my handluggage. You could see it on the Xray-screen! And I had to open my bag… to throw away my deoderant, which had too much liquid.


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  1. 1

    Icey said,

    Gaat ze es een keer porno zoeken.. heb je dr de verkeerde soort uitgeleend.


    Maareh go jij.. genieten met die handel.. goed dat dat weer kan!

  2. 4

    I’m glad you liked my post!

    It’s nice to hear some progress, and that you’re starting to feel sexual again. Yay!

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