Let’s call her Dropje then.

It would be the first time we spent more than one afternoon or one evening together. She would arrive on friday, we’d meet at the BiCon itself and she would stay at my place for the following two nights.

There had been extensive flirting. Of writing all too obvious messages at internet-fora. And petting my hair. Which might also fall on the header of flirting, now that I think of it.

There was also friendship. A new friendship, just a few months old, but growing deeper and deeper under whatever friendship grows under. The  similarities go further than just the patterns of hair-growth.

The first night consisted of sleeping, and the second night as well. What happened in between those nights was a whole lot of fun. There was getting to know new persons, persuading a guy to wear heels for first time, there was lots of talking about everything in the world and more. There was also kissing and cuddling and closeness. And hitting (on?), although I was not the person being hit.

There was another girl besides Dropje, and she and I and she had a good time on a mattress in the dark room. It was safe and secure, and there were boobs (the consequences of them, and would you like to make love about it?), and I was able to set my boundaries and they were abided by.

The friendship did not change, will not change, or at least, not because of this. There is love, and there will be love, and all will be good in the end.


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    dropje said,

    I miss you…

    Prrr for this blogpost.


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