The need of a bigger place to call home.

I feel restrained.

I’m sitting in my room, the boyfriend is here too, and because of the little space here, we both have to sit on the couch. Sitting at the desk is no option, because the space under the desk is used as storage. I can;t sit the way I want, I can’t work the way I want, I can’t meditate (that’s impossible for me when someone else is in the room), I can’t write (the  reason I usually don’t blog when I’m with the boyfriend), I can’t have “self-time”, I can’t focus on purely me. But it can’t be helped, it can’t be changed.

I need a bigger place, with at least two rooms. Hopefully I can get something before christmas, because then the boyfriend will come over for more than a week (from Christmas until a few days after new years eve). It would solve all the problems mentioned above, plus it would give me an oppurtunity to make a place completely mine, to really create a home, which would benefit my peace of mind in many ways.

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    Icey said,

    Hope you get to find one soon.. I saw the tinyness of that room and well it’s friggin tiny. I would have trouble living in there with just me.

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