Update on poly.

On Friday I went to the sexologist, and we did not have much to talk about. Basically, as you could read in my last post about sex, things are going into the right direction.

We also talked a bit about poly stuff, which I do not feel is really necessary (I have figured out on my own what I want there, and don’t need therapy for that), but we had to fill the time. Here progress has been made as well. There is going to be a Bi-con in my town in a few weeks. I already planned on going there, and I asked the boyfriend a while ago if it was okay if I kissed girls while I was at the Saturday-night party (called the Baffling Barbarian Bisexual Ball *facepalm*). He had to think about it for a while, but he told me I could do all that feels right for me. I probably won’t go any further than a bit of kissing and fondling, if such things even happen, but the feeling that I could if I wanted to, is extremely nice!

What felt even nicer is that the boyfriend met a friend of mine, whom I’ve been extravagantly flirting with for a while. We had lunch and we had a great time. The boyfriend liked her, and she liked him. She might come to the Bi-con as well, and if she turns out to be the person I kiss, that’s fine too. So, ehm, progress and happiness and such!


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    Icey said,

    Baffling Barbarian Bisexual Ball???

    I just had to repeat that.. I mean what the hell were they thinking?? o0

    They could’ve just as well called it the Incredible edible internet Oo

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