Juice-fast: fail!

What I learned in the past days:
– I love food
– I hate hunger
– vegetable-juices for fasting are disgusting
– hunger makes me nauseous (and the juice did not help)
– hunger makes me only think about food
– three days of hunger decreases your self-control immensely

For that last reason I quit my juice-fast yesterday evening around 20:30. I knew that when I would continue fasting for two more days, I would not be able to control myself anymore and go on a food binge (something I never do). I started with a ricewaffle with low-fat cheese, and have been eating relatively normal ever since. I really really really love food, and I’m never going to do this again. I do not see this as a failure. I tried, and I decided this is not for me.

Just had a few small cinnamon-rolls (out of a package, but they’re pretty good, the boyfriend brought them for me <3, because he knows I love them and they were not there anymore when I wanted to buy some to take home with me, since you can’t buy them here), and a piece of milk chocolate with caramelized almonds and seasalt. And soon I’m going to have a nice cup of coffee *happy me*


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    Jessica said,

    I don’t think…no…I definitely could not do a juice fast. I’d rather just not eat.

  2. 3

    […] September last year I tried juice-fasting, and failed miserably. Which was not a sad thing, because it made me discover I really really like food, and not […]

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