Update on sex.

When I’m with the boyfriend, I tend to dream about sex. Not necessarily about sex with him, but sex nonetheless. Apparently some part of me strongly associates the boyfriend with sex, and that’s a good thing.

Also, I actively try to not think ahead when we kiss or when he strokes my back or hair. I try just to enjoy the moment, focus on that, instead of thinking “Now he might want more. Do I want more? Maybe I don’t, so I shoudl stop this. But now it’s still nice, so maybe I shouldn’t…” on and on and on, until I’m really not in the mood anymore, and break off what we were doing. Usually quite rudely (something I have to work on as well).

gummy bear kiss 3

gummy bear kiss ❤

This strategy worked quite well last weekend when the boyfriend was at my place. We had many nice kisses and snuggles (even a spanking), and sex did not seem to be a large issue. We just had a good time together, which is another good thing. Hopefully it’s similar next time he is at my place, in a bit more than one week (that soon already, yay!).

Also, this afternoon I’m going to the sexologist, and I really don’t know what to talk about. That’s a good thing too, I suppose XD.


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