Being hungry is not nice. And that while I’m still eating at the moment! Yesterday late afternoon and evening I had a headache, and felt really non-social. I suppose that is what less eating does to me. Tomorrow the real fast will begin, and I think that will be easier than yesterday and today, since eating a little bit seems harder than eating nothing at all. I’m also happier and happier I did not plan things for this weekend, since I suspect the not feeling social might stick. Also, because my pms starts this weekend (I skip the non-pil week of my contraceptives, but my body does not know that yet of course), which might not be really helpful in the process.

And of course, I know crave for all kinds of foods that I won’t have for at least 4 more days. Probably even a bit longer, because I have to slowly build up my food-intake again. I want chocolate with sea-salt, Dutch stew with fat sausage, hamburgers (self made, with lots of nice stuff), bake-off bread with cheese, potato-tuna salad… I even made a list with all the food ideas I have now XD I barely miss the coffee by the way, that’s a good thing, I suppose.

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    I understand fasting for religious reasons. I DO NOT understand juice diets, detoxes, and fastings for weight loss. You are smart enough to know not only a) how unhealthy it is, but b) the statistics on how much weight you keep off and how quickly it comes back with diets like these.

    Why did you decide to fast? Did I miss a religious or spiritual reason? Or is it a weight loss tactic? If it’s the latter, please please be careful. You’re moody, unhappy body is trying to tell you something.

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      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      I explained it a few posts ago:

      I did read in on it, I know the risks, and the reason is not weight loss. All the weight I lose now, will probably come back afterwards, maybe minus one kilo or so, if I keep up not eating chocolate or chips. I do it mainly for the experience: what happens when I don’t eat? How do I feel? Are there positive effects in the end? Will I feel cleaner in- or outside, or is that all bullshit?

      I try to do it the healthy way, with carefully eating less towards the fast, and slowly starting to eat again after this weekend. Also, most American websites take it to the extreme, fasting for many weeks and months: that is clearly not healthy, regardless of the way you do it. Your perspective of fasting as really unhealthy might also come from that context. Websites in my own language are much more careful, advising a maximum of 2 weeks, and most advising 5 to 7 days, which cannot do that much harm, I think.

      Thank you for your concern, really nice to read 🙂

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    […] September last year I tried juice-fasting, and failed miserably. Which was not a sad thing, because it made me discover I really really like […]

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