Juice-fast coming up in two days.

Real life got in the way of blogging the past weeks, my sincere apologies.

The boyfriend came over for the weekend, we went to Center Parcs for a few days, and we had a very good time. Also, my studies and volunteer work for both the venue and the feminism-magazine have taken lots of time and energy lately, which left no room for looking at my life from a distance and writing about my reflections.

Next friday I’ll start on my three-day juice-fast. Yesterday I started with preparing, by slowly decreasing and healthy-ing up my food-intake: one more meal each day replaced by something with less carbs, less fat and more veggies. So yesterday my dinner was a salad with cucumber, tomato and mozzarella, today my lunch will be some ricewaffles with low fat cheese instead of bread and dinner will be salad, and the day after tomorrow I’ll leave the muesli out of the curd at breakfast, have ricewaffles for lunch again, and dinner will be gazpacho. And on Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) I’ll drink a 700ml bottle of vegetable-juice and about 3 litres of water and herbal tea.

I’m really curious how everything will feel. If I’ll get really grumpy, feel really weak, and don’t want to come out of the house. Or if it’ll have a more positive effect, like more energy, more concentration and focus.

Friday I still have to go to the sexologist and drop something of at an acquaintance (who lives in the same town as where my therapy takes place), but for the rest I have nothing planned. So if I feel like shit, I can stay home and watch Gilmore Girls and read nice books. If I feel energetic I can go out and do stuff. We’ll see. I will be blogging about it (the plan is at least one post a day), so prepare for lots of talk about hunger, disgusting juice (or nice juice, but I suspect the first), and emotional rants.

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