Short update on weight and such.

I decided I wanted to continue to lose some weight. When I got back from the boyfriend last week, I weighed 77kg (169.8 lbs). I had already stopped putting suger in my coffee, and now I also started to put (even more)  effort in eating healthy, especially in snacks between meals, because my main meals usually are quite healthy, also when I’m not actively trying to lose weight. I am allowing myself to “go wild” about once a week, on cake or whatever else nice I feel like, because else I don’t think I can make this healthy lifestyle really my own. (and because I love baking cakes and such, and else I would not be able to make a huge chocolate cake next week, with a filling of orange-curd and a layer of ganache over it ;))

And of course, when I’m not at the boyfriend, I do a lot of cycling, so that has probably also contributed that this morning I weighed about 75.5kg (166.4 lbs). A quick-start! Now I only have to buy batteries for my digital scale, because the analogue one I’m using now, is not very accurate.

Talking about the boyfriend, he also decided he really wants to lose some weight (he’s not the lightest guy around, and had gained a bit more the past months), so he’s going back to the gym regularly, and is going to try to eat healthier. He even got Weight-Watchers information! Go him! *cheers*


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