The fetish-party.

Saturday evening, me and the boyfriend went to a fetish/bdsm/play-party, at an amazing location. It was our first time at that specific location, and the boyfriend’s first time at a party with dresscode (we had been to two more more casual parties before, which were more aimed at talking and socializing although there was also space to play).

So off we went, in our fetish-gear, into unknown territory. And the territory was quite pretty and extremely large. Two floors, lots of rooms (also small ones that you could lock for private purposes), lots of places just sit and talk or watch others, lots of playground. At the ground flour the dj played stuff ranging from pop, to 80’s, to metal; in the cellar mostly techno-stuff was played, but there were also many places where it was relatively silent. We both loved the ‘gentlemen’s room” most. This was a large, rectangular room, with chesterfield-like chairs and couches on the side, placed on a sort of platform, so the chairs were about 50cm higher than the floor. There was also space for pillows, so people (read: submissives) could sit by the feet of other people (read: dominants). In the middle there was a pool-table, which I suppose is rarely used for a game of pool, and there was also a large cage, which had the same height as the pool-table, so it was relatively low.

The party and the location also had the effect on us that we hoped for: it brought us in the mood to do some play-stuff again. So there was some  pulling of hair, grabbing  of throats, sitting at his feet, a bit of wrist-bondage (the same as in this post, but with black rope), a short spanking (both with hands and paddle), scratching of his nails on my arm and back (he keeps his nails long and sharp for only that reason) and lots of kissing.

The nicest thing of the evening was when we dat in the gentlemen’s room and he used the ice-cubes from his drink to cool my cleavage and back… Cold! And really hot at the same time. On the festival where we fell in love one year ago, we had also toyed around with icecubes, qand even though we that was not in a bdsm-context (although in our heads it was, I think), it did have quite an effect on both of us. There had been no opportunities to play with icecubes again, so this was a wonderful re-experience of that sensation, both physically and mentally.

I also got an ego-boost, sort of, when I was very obviously being hit on by someone. The boyfriend was at the toilet, and I waited outside. A guy asked me who I was waiting for, and we had some random conversation about where we were from, that he knew the town I lived in, etcetera. The boyfriend came out again, and then the questions came: what kind of things we were into, who the dominant partner was, stuff like that. He had apparantly missed my wristbondage, so when I held my arms up and said that, he replied that he had been looking into my eyes and saw prettyness in there… I replied that I found that hard to believe since it was quite dark where we were standing 😛 He did sit down next to us when we had found a chair somewhere, but I focussed on the boyfriend and ignored him, and after a while he left. Next time I really have to be more direct with guys like that, although I thought my reply at is very obvious pass at me and the fact we left him after that, should have been signs enough. But I did feel flattered by it, a bit 🙂


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