Pretty saunaOn wednesday, the boyfriend and I went to the sauna. It was amazingly nice and relaxing.

First we spend some time at the large swimming pool which is separate from the sauna-complex. It was busy, but not as busy as we would have expected with the nice weather and the fact that it is holiday-season at the moment, so all kids are free from school. After some searching, we found two nice chairs in the sun, and we swam for a little while (the water was cold) and went on the slides (yay! Acting like a five year old is so nice sometimes!). We dried up in the sun,  read a bit, and the boyfriend used his brought philosophy to cover his eyes from the sun and dozed (philosophy is so useful :P).

After an hour or two and a bit more swimming, we went over to the sauna-complex, got naked and went into the ‘normal’ sauna (about 75 C° and not very moist). I feel quite ambiguous about  the cold water you have to cool yourself with afterwards: it’s so cold! But also so nice! Too bad that a few of the showers did not work for some strange reason, including the “ice-rain” which is basically a huge shower-head which creates a sort of rain-effect, which is extremely nice after you have cooled yourself down a bit with a hose.

We also walked around outside (naked, which still feels a bit weird, nakedness inside is quite normal, but outside is something else), and it was very calm and peaceful there. And full of men. It was so strange, I think I saw 4 women the whole time we were there (about 3 hours), and at least 30 different men. And I was by far the youngest women around, but that did not bother me so much. Sauna’s really show you that nakedness is not about sexuality at all. Something has to happen before naked == sex.

There was more reading, a short time in the bubble-bath, a nice cup of latte machiato and another sauna-round. This time in the “softsauna”, which is a bit like a Finnish sauna, only a bit “colder” ,only 65 C°. We both didn’t like that one that much, we preferred the normal one. I think next time we are going in the Finnish one as well, which has a 95 C° temperature.

We might go again next week, when we’re back from the metal-festival we’re going to. Getting clean and relaxed before I have to go to my own place again.

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