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I have been thinking about it a little while, and read multiple websites about the topic, and I think I am going to try it: juice-fasting. I have never done a fast, and I am interested how it will affect me, both physically and mentally. Also, I hope it will be good changing-point to get rid of the habit of eating sugary, fat and unhealthy stuff too often. I had stopped buying chocolate and the like, but I started again, and the fast seems like a good way to get rid of that habit again. I might also try to get into the raw-food craze that seems to be going around nowadays. Also, I hope it’ll make me get used to eating a bit less than what I do now. Losing weight is not a main goal, but it would be nice to lose some kilos, and even nicer if the excess weight kept away.

I’m going to do a short fast, 3 to 5 days, depending on what my body tells me. I am going to build op in three days, substituting one more meal each day with just fruit, quark, or salad, and eating more raw veggies in general. Then the fasting days follow, in which I’ll drink 1 liter of fruit juice and about 2 liters of water or herbal tea. After that I’ll slowly get myself used to eating solid foods again. Starting with just fruit and veggies, soups, and light foods.

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And of course I’ll blog on the progress  and such. I think I’m going to start the fast itself on the 11th of september, a friday (which is my free day, plus the weekend, which makes fro 3 days I can be grumpy or otherwise unnice company without anyone being annoyed with it), which means I’ll start preparing on tuesday the 8th.


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    Tricia said,

    I did this in some form a couple of years back. I lost about 20 pounds over the course of a month or so. I didn’t lay off all solids, allowed myself raw veggies. But I drank a lot of Spicy V8 and chicken bullion. It had enough flavor to kill my cravings– then my friend asked about the sodium. Yeah. Lots of sodium! Now I just do it occassionally to take off a pound or two when I need it. But it really did jump start my body and the veggie juice sort of tricked my metabolism into thinking I was eating all of the time.

    Good luck!
    I look forward to seeing the new you!

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