Quite strange.

Last night I dreamed about the group of poly people I hang-out with sometimes, and whom I’ve grown to like a lot, and have formed (beginning but important) friendships with some of them. I wrote about them before.

He had bought a large house, far away, close to where the boyfriend lives. So we went there all together, with a large van, and she was the driver. She was there, and possible others, which were not that clearly defined, but just belonged to “the group we consisted of”.  The boyfriend was there too, and he liked this group of people, and he liked me and the group of people in combination.

I don’t remember details of most of the dream. Just that there were lots of rest-stops with lots of toilets (which was not that weird, because I really had to go to the toilet when I woke up, and I tend to incorporate that in my dreams), a few large junctions where we had to ride round and round and round, lots of beautiful forests, lots of positive feelings.

Lots of love.

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