The problem of needing more than average sleeping time.

As I wrote a little while ago, I always used to be a morning-person, but that has changed, apparently. This week I started my intern-ship, which is not an intern-ship in the normal sense of the word, but because of my Research Master, it involves setting up my own research and writing my master thesis about the results. I absolutely love it!

It also means, responsible person I am, that I now have a reason to really get a rhythm in my life again. I try to be at university monday to friday, from 9am on. My goal is to work until 4pm, but I have not succeeded in that yet, mainly because I don’t have that much to do yet and I’m a relative quick worker. Being at uni at 9am, means getting up at 7am, and there we get to the problem. I wake up tired. And since I have a burst of energy again around 9pm which lasts for an hour or 2, I’m rarely in bed before 11pm. And if I’m in bed earlier, I can’t seem to be able  to fall asleep. I can’t handle too little sleep, so I’m tired the whole day. Starting later might be an option, but it feels a lot better to start early in the morning, more productive in some sense. And I do get a lot of work done in a short amount of time (the pretest to check the valence, masculinity and femininity of the names I’m going to be using in my main experiment is already done, for example), which means I’m able to go home early when my tiredness comes to a peak around 2/3pm.

Maybe I should just make that my schedule: work at uni in the morning/early afternoon. Go home and get some rest, have dinner, and work for another hour or so in the evening. I might try that next week, maybe that is the solution to this problem.

(The reason I find it important to blog about something as mundane as sleeping hours and being tired, is that it scares me if I’m tired all the time. Scared that my burn-out might come back again…)

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