TMI Tuesday #194

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?

In the bedroom of my then boyfriend. What should have been our first time did not really work out, because he could not get it inside me (even with my help). The second time (a week or so later) it did work, but it always hurt when we had sex (all those 8 times in the five more months we were together… other random fact, he broke up with me partially because my sexdrive was way higher than his…). In retrospect I see that  I just didn’t get wet enough, but I did not really realise that back than.

2. How often do you lie?

Rarely. I’m not a good liar. Or well, I don’t think I’m such a bad liar, I’m just not good at not telling someone something. I deal very bad with guilt, so honesty is the best route for me I suppose.

3. If you could only be one, would you rather be smart or good looking?

Smart! Yesterday I wrote on a forum that one of my goals in life is to acquire knowledge, and that would be a whole lot more difficult if I wasn’t smart. And good looking in the popular sense of the term is quite boring anyway.

4. Have you ever passed out or suffered memory loss from drinking too much?

No, and it’s not going to happen either. I know my limits and was planning on sticking to them.

5. Top or bottom?

You have to ask? *grin*

Bonus: Do you have any catalogs for toys/videos/lingere delivered to your home?

Hmm, probably not any more, since I moved, and I didn’t tell the company that always annoys me with their catalogues my new address. I did like their catalogues in the beginning, but since I don’t have any money to buy new toys or porn, and because the thing is always the same, I would not mind not getting it any longer.


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