News in the girl-department.

Yesterday I spent with my metal-friends, outside the gates of a one day metal-festival in the city where I live. They’re amazing people. I have known most of them for three years now, with some of them I went on a one week holiday two years ago, and we spent lots of concerts, festivals and random days, evenings and nights together. Usually there’s bbq-ing involved, and this time was no different, and since I am only a part-time vegetarian now and they did not know about that recent change yet, I managed to shock them a bit by eating meat. How nice 😛 There was also mead and rum and coke (and beer, but I passed on that, two kinds of alcohol seemed enough for me), so soberness was sort of out of the question.

We were not alone there, of course, there were metalheads all over the place. I saw a girl again I had met about two and a half years before, and that I had had quite a crush on. She was studying psychology as well, only a few years lower than me, so we met each other occasionally. Nothing ever happened, because she had a boyfriend and because I was not sure she was into girls at all. The past year I had not seen her, because she switched studies to “molecular life sciences”. We talked, and apparently her boyfriend had cheated on her a few months before and she had broke up with him because of that. And I learned she would like to experience with girls, but never had the change because her former boyfriend did not want her too. And I got her phone-number. Yay for me!

At home again I talked with the boyfriend over the phone. I told him about the girl mentioned above, and also that I had talked with another girl as well. And he asked me if I had asked her phone number as well. No, I hadn’t, also because that seemed too much like flirting to me (with the other girl it felt different, because I had known her for longer, and just a friendship would be fine with me too, but you do need to be able to get in touch for that). He told me he was okay with that, with me asking girls for their phone-number, with a bit of flirting. As long as I don’t start long cuddle sessions or deep kisses, getting to know girls a bit is fine. He really wants me to find a nice girl to do “nice” stuff with.

The boyfriend is really amazing. He gives me tiny bits of freedom, one bit at the time, and I am really grateful for that. He just started a blog too by, to express his ideas and feelings and thoughts about the road we’re travelling. So, you can now also read the other side.

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