From morning to evening: the rythm of the day.

I used to be a morning person. For years and years I had no problem at all waking up early (around 7am). In he first few years of my studies on university and living on my own, I would often do a bit of studying even before breakfast. And after about 3pm I would be almost completely useless.

Things have changed. Getting out of bed in the morning is quite difficult now, and it takes a lot of effort to really start working; even going downstairs to take a shower takes a lot of mental power. Usually I start doing stuff just before lunch, and also bits and pieces in the afternoon. Very unlike how it was before, I now also usually have a burst of energy around 9pm or even later. Weirdness.

And almost every week, or even every day, I tell myself I’ll change things again. That I’ll wake up and shower immediately and get stuff done before the day really starts up. Maybe I should just accept that my rythm has changed, but I’ll guess I’m not ready for that yet. For now I’ll just keep trying to get my morning working rush back again.

I’m also just plain tired the whole time, but I hope that’ll leave me when I have moved (decrease of stress) and have started on my master thesis and internship.


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    […] study As I wrote a little while ago, I always used to be a morning-person, but that has changed, apparently. This week I started my intern-ship, which is not an intern-ship in the normal sense of the word, […]

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