No influence.

Or so it seems like.

Friday I had lost weight again, from 76 kg (167,6 lbs) to 75,6 kg (166,7 lbs). Of course, nothing to complain about, but it does reinforce the idea that I have no influence on my weight or whatsoever. Because last week I did not really care about eating healthy (being stuck does that to me), so i had two pieces of pie (apple-pie with whipped cream on saturday and cheesecake on thursday), made cinnamon-rolls and ate a couple of them, had a few small profiteroles, and started to eat meat again, which is probably more fat than non-meat stuff.

It just doesn’t make sense. When I try very hard to no eat unhealthy stuff, nothing happens. When I couldn’t care less, I lose weight. It does not exactly boost my motivation. This week I’ll just see what I feel like, and eat ‘unhealthy’ stuff if it comes up (as long as I don’t start eating whole bars of chocolate), and see what my scale tells me next friday.


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    danimo21 said,

    oh goodness, i know what you’re talking about. for a spanish assignment in high school we actually had to document our caloric/etc. intake and our regimen of exercise for a week and it made me realize that i really don’t have the kind of control on my weight i think i should as the owner of my body.

    i was very conscious of my weight in high school and wasn’t very “into” eating back then; i would take in sometimes only 500-1000 calories a day and exercise at least that amount out. . . and i never, ever lose any significant amount of weight. if i stuck to that kind of diet, i barely maintained my weight. if i strayed even a little (had an actual meal or two, didn’t run as many miles, etc.), i’d actually start gaining! it’s frustrating and very amotivational.

    but i’ve gotta say. . . 160-170lbs is just about my ideal weight. i hope that maybe you can be happy maintaining that weight and eating healthy, exercising to maintain muscle, etc. 🙂

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      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      Maybe the low calorie-intake had put your body on ‘saving-mode’ which indeed makes you gain weight when you start eating just a little bit more. Very annoying, but it’s just how our body’s work.

      Yeah, and I am getting happier with my body again, but just a tiny bit more, a pound or two, would be nice 🙂

  2. 3

    quietwire said,

    That whole weight gain/weight loss thing has me confused too… My body never reacts the way I think it will!

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