Food instead of substantialness

I wanted to write a substantial post. One with content. About how I identify myself, for example. Or about masturbation. Or jealousy. Or about what I want in bdsm.

But I can’t seem to get the space of mind to write something about that. I had a few busy days, with correcting papers, standing by the door, checking tickets, at the venue where I’m volunteering, working on my thesis-proposal.

So I’ll just write that the boyfriend is arriving this afternoon, and we’ll go to this amazingly nice coffee/lunch-place where they have amazingly nice bagels, nice sweet stuff (cheesecake with raspberry-sauce! Double chocolate muffins! Apple-cinnamon muffins!), fresh fruit juices in all kinds of combinations (orange, banana, raspberry, mango, etc), and extremely nice coffee in huge quantities. The boyfriend loves that place too, so he always wants to go there when he’s at my place.

And this evening I’ll make him this risotto, and tomorrow I’ll make these cinnamon rolls tomorrow. It might be that my blog will get a bit more food focused in the (near future) since I check way too many foodblogs and recipes, and I know get the urge to write about my cooking as well πŸ™‚


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    danimo21 said,

    ooh, recipes! i need all the tips i can get when it comes to cooking. i know nothing but since i’m living with my boyfriend and his parents without paying rent for the time being, i try to repay them by buying groceries and cooking meals. they say my food’s good but i really have no idea what i’m doing and his mom is such an excellent cook i wonder why i even try to go in that kitchen without some sort of plan or recipe or thought at least. lol

    but anyway, it’d be kuwl to read something more “substantial” when the mood strikes. i’ve been feeling that way too. . . like i want to write something that isn’t necessarily about my day, but an introduction to my feelings and opinions on this subject or that, but it’s like i can barely find the time to blog about my day and read others’ blogs as it is! >_<

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      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      Check (it’s in my blogroll as well). It has the most amazing food-pictures, and is my main source of recipes nowadays πŸ˜€

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