Randomness II

– my parents are awesome! My mom got me four different kinds of espresso pads for my Senseo machine, with two shakers with cinnamon-sugar and cacoa-suger, and my stepdad thought I really needed an 8GB usb-stick. Both for no special occasion or whatsoever. And my stepdad also picked me up from the station when it rained on saturday evening and I had to wait quite long for the bus, and drove me over me to a friend of mine on sunday-morning, which is something he rarely does.

– My proposal for my master thesis is finished! I have to send it to my coordinators now, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow, and then I might have to change some little stuff, but most of the work is done now. I’m writing my thesis on the influence of music videos on gender stereotypes of power, by the way, and I’m going to do all kinds of nice experiments, from July on.

– I might have anaemia. The past days I have been quite tired, and easily dizzy and nauseated. The last time I had that I was 17 years old, and that was what blood-test showed. Tomorrow I’ll  go past my doctor and to the hospital to get everything checked. It would be a bit weird though, since recently I started taking vitamin-tablets, and they are supposed to give me my complete dose of iron each day. Well, we’ll see. I might “quit” my vegetarianism for a little while though. Did that too for half a year when I was 17, and it worked quite well.

Enough randomness for the day 🙂


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