Kissing is hope too

Yesterday we kissed. We kissed. Like two teenagers ravanously discovering each-other.

It felt good. Good to be so close to each other again. Good to get exited again and not feel weird about that. Good to feel his aroused body against mine. Good to feel my as getting touched and spanked again. It felt amazing not to be scared.

No clothes went off, it might’ve seemed very innocent to most, but to us it was very special. It shows I’m healing. I’m definately not there yet (I do feel some lingering feelings of fear when writing this, for example), but it is one huge step in the right direction. We had not kissed like this in months, and it sometimes even felt out relationship was fading and now everything feels open again, feels rescued.

*I’m at a Starbucks-like place right now,with an interne-connection, yay! Internet with a latte machiato, yum 😀


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    Oh, good! I was a little worried about how things would go when you went to see him, and am glad that there are glimmers of hope! 🙂

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      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      🙂 I’m very happy everything went fine too. We needed some “nice and easy” time again 🙂

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    […] Tagged bdsm, fear, life, sex, sexologist, the boyfriend We spoke about many things.About the kissing of last week, about the little bit of play of which I’ll write something later today, about […]

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