On my own feet again

I am a sensitive person.

There. I’ve said it. It is something I find difficult to accept sometimes, but I’m dealing with it better and better over time. My sensitivity results in needing a lot of time alone, not being able to deal with too much social contact in a short period of time, reacting heavily to emotional events, a need of my own safe place and having to be careful to not overwork myself.

It also made the development of certain fears quite easy, which lately manifests itself into fear when riding in a car and fear of train-crossings, of which I spoke before. Especially the last one is slowly getting less, and I’ll see how it is with the first one when I’m in a car again. I know how to deal with my fears (feeling them, breathing trough them, accepting them), I just need to learn to practice the theory.

And that is something I can do by myself, I do not need my psychologist for that. That is the conclusion we’ve come to today. So this was my last visit. If I still don’t have the idea I need more help in a month, I’ll call her to tell that she can close my file. And if not, I’ll make an appointment of course, but I hope that’s not necessary.

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