Still 76kg…

This week I got stuck at the weight of last week: still 76kg (167.6lb). I did not do very weird things food-wise, except for fries with mayonnaise and peanutsauce and a calorie-filled milkshake, but that was last week on wednesday. Probably it’s the cycling again. I did do a little cycling-trip yesterday of 20km, but that might not have made up for not cycling on sunday, monday and tuesday.

That, in it’s turn, resulted partly from me not feeling that well the past few days, from sunday or monday on. I have a slight troath-ache, and since tuesday that is combined with a head-ache, every now and then. And I also feel way more tired than last week, which started yesterdat. Not that I feel ill, but I don’t feel well either. It feels like the flu (the normal one, I have not been to Mexico ;)) is slowly creeping up on me. I hope I feel well soon, because this evening I’m going to go to friends, where I’ll stay the night, and then tomorrow they have their housewarming party.

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    I thought I was the only person that ate fries with mayonnaise! I love it. It’s totally a guilty pleasure.

    • 2

      Nuclear Rainbow said,

      Apparently it is a very Dutch thing to do, which would make it logical for me, but not for you, I suppose 😉

      By the way, you have the honour of being the first to reply to my blog, yay 😀

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