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This day was filled with:

Spending 7 hours in the park. Sun. Hugs.  Huge amounts of nice food. More hugs. Talking about piercings, boyfriends, The Big Bang Theory (major nerd-points increase), sex, paganism, life. Losing all idea (and all track) of time. Being me, bouncy, mood swinging, and stable as I am. Safety. Chaotic but relaxed and calm. Hugs! Getting a slight sunburn. New and feeling like I’ve always known.  Closeness. Being used as a pillow. Everything.

I feel wonderful. These people always give me so much energy, so much ultimate  happyness. I don’t know why and how, I only now that it is.


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A new health start next week.

As I sort of expected, I gained weight again, to 76.3kg (168.2lb). I don’t really have feelings about it, not negative, not positive.

My pms is really bad this month, and it already started today (usually it starts on sunday or even monday), so right now I’m not going to increase the healthiness of my food (or better say, decrease the amount of unhealthy snacks, since my “base-food” is quite good and healthy). I’ll probably start eating healthier again somewhere next week, after monday or something, and see if it will start affecting my weight again. I had a few weeks “off” my diet, and maybe now my metabolism got a kick, and I will start losing weight again.

If only veggies and fruit were cheaper…

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TMI Tuesday #188

… but my first time. So here we go!

1. Before the industrial revolution, most people never travelled more than 30 miles from their home. How far from your birth place do you now live?

About 120 kilometres (75 miles). Because the country I live in is quite small, that is seen as relatively far.

2. What is the farthest distance from home you have you have ever had sex or an orgasm? What is there farthest distance you have travelled from your home to have a sexual encounter?

Somewhere between 2500 and 3000 kilometres (1500-1900 miles). It was the only one night stand I still feel completely positive about. I was on a vacation with a friend of mine, and the guy behind the desk was extremely cute (long blonde hair and such, and quite metal). He did 24-hour shifts, and the second time I saw him, he invited me and my friend to have drinks and  such in the late evening, when he would not have much to do. That turned into kissing, and since he had the keys to all the rooms… Yep, nice memory.

Travelling for sexual encounters only is not something I’ve done often. Twice I had a date which would almost certainly end in sex, but it was never the outspoken, ultimate goal. That distance was about 110 kilometres (70 miles).

3. How many states (or Canadian provences or your country’s geopolitical division) and counties have you had sex and/or an orgasms in?

In my small country I’ve certainly had orgasms in 8 of the 12 provinces. I’m still in doubt about 3 (I’ve been there on vacation with my parents, at an age I already masturbated, but I’m not sure if I really did it there). So only one province is definitely Nuclear-Rainbow-orgasm free.

Edit: and countries, right. Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Turkey and I’m not sure about France, Luxembourg and Belgium: the masturbation question again.

4. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle? While the vehicle was moving?

Only in the train, does that count too? Once all the way in a toilet, and once a blowjob in an empty carriage. And some random touching, which has happened more often. Only with current partners at that time though, never with random passengers 😉

5. Do you have any travel related fantasy? If so, share, please.

I still want to do stuff in a car. Probably not when riding, because riding in cars is as scary as it is, and I’m not planning on making it more dangerous by “distracting” the driver, but when standing on an empty (or not that empty) parking place, yes please!

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How Indian cuisine can lead to spankings.

The boyfriend and I sat in an Indian restaurant and there was this little bowl curry with potatoes and cauliflower. Both of us are no fan of cauliflower, but I did try because the curry taste was so amazing. It even made that nasty veggie taste good.

The boyfriend did not want to taste until I proposed the following deal: if he tasted and would not like it, he could spank me. “40 times”, he said. I found it quite much for a tiny bite of food, so I got it down to 38. Yay me 😉 So, he took a very small bit of the curried cauliflower, and of course, he said he did not like it*. So, when we got home, I got spanked

He sat next to me on the bed, I pulled down my pants, but kept my panties on, and lay down on my stomach. What followed were 38 semi-hard smacks on my ass. It was very nice: I really love being spanked, the pain, the burning afterwards, the intimacy. It would’ve been nice if we would have gone on a bit longer (ice cubes to cool of my butt were suggested, but I did not have them in my fridge), but then again, that might have been too much.

*when I had promised that he could spank me anyway, he told me that it was not that bad. Yay, mission accomplished!

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No influence.

Or so it seems like.

Friday I had lost weight again, from 76 kg (167,6 lbs) to 75,6 kg (166,7 lbs). Of course, nothing to complain about, but it does reinforce the idea that I have no influence on my weight or whatsoever. Because last week I did not really care about eating healthy (being stuck does that to me), so i had two pieces of pie (apple-pie with whipped cream on saturday and cheesecake on thursday), made cinnamon-rolls and ate a couple of them, had a few small profiteroles, and started to eat meat again, which is probably more fat than non-meat stuff.

It just doesn’t make sense. When I try very hard to no eat unhealthy stuff, nothing happens. When I couldn’t care less, I lose weight. It does not exactly boost my motivation. This week I’ll just see what I feel like, and eat ‘unhealthy’ stuff if it comes up (as long as I don’t start eating whole bars of chocolate), and see what my scale tells me next friday.

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Food instead of substantialness

I wanted to write a substantial post. One with content. About how I identify myself, for example. Or about masturbation. Or jealousy. Or about what I want in bdsm.

But I can’t seem to get the space of mind to write something about that. I had a few busy days, with correcting papers, standing by the door, checking tickets, at the venue where I’m volunteering, working on my thesis-proposal.

So I’ll just write that the boyfriend is arriving this afternoon, and we’ll go to this amazingly nice coffee/lunch-place where they have amazingly nice bagels, nice sweet stuff (cheesecake with raspberry-sauce! Double chocolate muffins! Apple-cinnamon muffins!), fresh fruit juices in all kinds of combinations (orange, banana, raspberry, mango, etc), and extremely nice coffee in huge quantities. The boyfriend loves that place too, so he always wants to go there when he’s at my place.

And this evening I’ll make him this risotto, and tomorrow I’ll make these cinnamon rolls tomorrow. It might be that my blog will get a bit more food focused in the (near future) since I check way too many foodblogs and recipes, and I know get the urge to write about my cooking as well 🙂

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Randomness II

– my parents are awesome! My mom got me four different kinds of espresso pads for my Senseo machine, with two shakers with cinnamon-sugar and cacoa-suger, and my stepdad thought I really needed an 8GB usb-stick. Both for no special occasion or whatsoever. And my stepdad also picked me up from the station when it rained on saturday evening and I had to wait quite long for the bus, and drove me over me to a friend of mine on sunday-morning, which is something he rarely does.

– My proposal for my master thesis is finished! I have to send it to my coordinators now, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow, and then I might have to change some little stuff, but most of the work is done now. I’m writing my thesis on the influence of music videos on gender stereotypes of power, by the way, and I’m going to do all kinds of nice experiments, from July on.

– I might have anaemia. The past days I have been quite tired, and easily dizzy and nauseated. The last time I had that I was 17 years old, and that was what blood-test showed. Tomorrow I’ll  go past my doctor and to the hospital to get everything checked. It would be a bit weird though, since recently I started taking vitamin-tablets, and they are supposed to give me my complete dose of iron each day. Well, we’ll see. I might “quit” my vegetarianism for a little while though. Did that too for half a year when I was 17, and it worked quite well.

Enough randomness for the day 🙂

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