Some random little things that I wanted to share, but that are not enough to fill a whole post of their own:

-Last wednesday I heard a sing that would’ve been played at the funeral of my sister (if the cd had been in the case, that is), and which always reminds me of her. It made me feel sad, but that was okay, even though I was working at that time. I did not cry, but I was close. And it felt nice, it felt good to let the sadness come in, and it left again after the song was over. I am getting there.

-Today and yesterday I worked on the take-home exam of multilevel modelling (a statistical method, which looks like regression analysis, but which takes the “level” of the data into account, like students in schools for example, or even measurement occasions in participants). Yesterday I worked for 1,5 hours, and today for 2 hours, with two working-sessions per day, and now one part is finished! the fact I could work for more than an hour without a break, and without getting really easily distracted or very tired also shows I’m really heading into the right direction.

– I have been living where I live now (one of the three rooms in the home of an elderly couple they rent to students) for 4,5 years now, and only today I discovered there is a extremely nice and pretty piece of nature 2 minutes of cycling away from my frontdoor. It really is amazing. I am going to try to do a lot of cycling and relaxing there for the 4 months I have left here, since I plan on moving to a “real” appartment of my own soon, in a different area. Close to forest, by the way, so I’ll still have nature in the vicinity, but then I’ll be aware of it from the beginning.

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