The boyfriends’ first theme-park experience

The boyfriend is 30 years old, and until wednesday he had never been to a theme-park. Never. Talking about a caveat in his development. So I took him to one of the most popular them-parks around here.

We had an amazingly good time. Not only did he go into his first rollercoaster ever (one completely in the dark, which I love very much), but he also went upside down in one for the first time (a steel rollercoaster, with two loopings and two screws, relatively standard). But he also said he’s never going to that again. We’ll see *evil grin*

The water-ride where you are in a round “boat” which sails over river-like track with many waterfalls and waves and everything was his favourite. I liked that one too, alltough I came out completely soaked (some huge splashes of water had done that to me), and he came out almost completely dry. That might have had something to do with his enjoyment of the thing.

We also went into one of the newer rides, which was “The Flying Dutchman”-themed. You start off inside a building, in a large boat which can hold 14 people, and first you see some townlike things, and then the fog comes up quickly. The boat sails on, and the fog gets worse, and there is rain and thunder and storm, and suddenly the boat stops, and there a flashes and you see a skull flaring up. The boat goes up (just as in a “normal” rollercoaster”) and suddenly you are outside, and going down very quickly, a turn to the right, trough a small wooden structure, a 180degrees turn to the left, up again, and a steep cure down into the water with a huge splash. Slowly the boat sails to the end-station. It was really, really nice and pretty and exciting, only a little short. I think that was my favourite of the day.

And hopefully I’ve converted the boyfriend into a themepark-love, because I surely am 😀

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