A weekend full of travel

This was officially a very busy weekend. I spend about 14 hours travelling in total: for fun stuff on saturday and a bit less fun stuff on sunday.

Birthday of a good friend on saturday was very nice. Those metalguys have only been in my life for three years, but they have grown really close to me and make my life so much happier. Hell, I have met the boyfriend trough them! Heersch!

Today was quite heavy. Getting up at 6:30 in the morning, arriving at the place where my grandfather is staying around 11am. A lot of first times. First time combing his hair, first time riding him around in his wheelchair, first time hearing him talk about the war, first time of really having the feeling that he has lost all hope… It made me feel incredibly sad. In the afternoon I went to my grandmother in the hospital. Also rode her around in her wheelchair. She was a bit more positive than he was, but she also doesn’t know what the next step will be.

They’re old. 88 and 87 years old, and next week they will have been married for 61 years. Slowly they realise they will never go back to the house where they have lived so many years, that they will not move to the apartment for the elderly they had planned on moving to in may;  now they both need more care than they can give to each other. It’s sad, so sad.


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