Assignment 1: The spanking

The boyfriend and I had decided that little assignments, approximately once or twice a week, might really help to get my submissive feelings back towards him, and to get our D/s (back) on track. In this first assignment I had to use a minimum of 400 words (I used 438) to write something about a sex- or bdsm-thing we did. I first tried to write about something sexual, but that made the fear come up again, and that blocked me. Writing about bdsm did work, however, so that’s what I did:

I had been fantasizing about being spanked for a while. Come to think of it, being spanked is probably the first “real” bdsm fantasy I had (except for the gangbang like things, but that was more sexual of nature), and also the first bdsm-ish thing I ever did. So when my sexual and/or bdsm feelings came up again, spanking was one of the first concrete things that seeps trough my mind into my fantasies.

So when I was laying beside you in the morning, and I was feeling a bit subby-like, it was the thing I asked for. “Will you please spank me?” While it is quite difficult for me to ask you to stop, when I’m really convinced I want something (which is quite a process in itself), asking it is not difficult anymore. You did not seem to mind, so I lay down on my stomach, and you started to spank me. You even sat up, so you could reach my ass better.

It started out very, very softly. Just a bit more than stroking, evenly divided over both my ass-cheeks. After a little while it got harder, gradually building up the intensity. I started moaning, and noticed I was getting very aroused. Physically, I mean. My head did not want sex at all, it just wanted your hands, hitting my ass harder and harder. Which you did.

My ass started to feel warm and tingly. Some hits started to get painful-painful, instead of nice-painful. Especially the parts on the side or the higher end of my butt. I think I mentioned that even, and you decreased the hardness of your spanks a little bit. You seemed to be really enjoying yourself.

A little while later I felt it was starting to be enough. It did not feel comfortable anymore, I was mostly enduring and waiting for it to be over. It is always quite difficult to notice when I want you to stop, since I have always relayed on the dominant to make it stop (unless it really went over my boundaries, of course). I asked it anyway, and it felt weird. I am the submissive, I should abide by your wishes and commands, you shouldn’t follow mine. But I know it can’t work any other way right now. You lay down beside me and we cuddled. It might have gone on a bit too long, but as I said above, the exact stopping point is extremely difficult to determine. It was nice. Finally something else to write on the list of nice bdsm stuff which worked out fine.

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