Writing papers can be fun sometimes…

Yay! I lost weight again! 76,6kg (168,9lb) this morning, on my normal weighing day. And what did I learn from this? Not to freak out so soon, and then take it out on the boyfriend… and apparently I am doing something right, although it is getting harder with Easter approaching. All. That. Chocolate. *drool*

On a completely different note: my weekend just started. I finished the first draft of a research proposal about the stress relieving and couple bonding effects of bdsm, with hormones included and everything. It’s just a proposal as a paper for a course on Psychobiology, so it will not be implemented in real life, but writing it was amazingly fun. Looking for and reading papers on bdsm in study-time 😀 When it’s finished I might even post some excerpts here, since the topic is quite interesting.

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