The past few days

On Monday I went to the dietitian for the first time. She is a nice, elderly women, who works from a physiotherapy-gym two minutes walking distance from my home. Basically, I’m doing it right. I have been a vegetarien for 12 years now, and I know quite well what to eat and what not. And I know what stuff belongs in a healthy diet and what not. I just don’t always abide by that (which probably resulted in me gaining weight). But when I am trying to eat healthy, I should take care I’m not eating too much fat cheese. The problem is, being a vegetarian, makes me eat mosly cheese on bread and also in meals. And low fat cheese is not only more expensive than fat cheese, it also tastes like plastic… I hope I can find good tasting low fat cheese, or else use things like “boursin” (the cheap, brandless version), cheese-spread or veggies.

Yesterday I spend another visit to my sexologist. We talked more about my past, about my family (the basic stuff, who is my father, my mother, my siblings and how is my relationship with them) and about my “sexual history” (the details of which deserve a post of their own). Next week I’ll go again and by then she will have reviewed all things and come up with a small treatment-plan. I am quite curious about that, also about the time-frame she is thinking about. I hope to have my sexual issues solved mostly by summer, and I hope thinks along the same lines.

At this moment I am at my the boyfriends place, until Monday. It always feels like I’m on vacation when I am here. The whole environment is different, the food is different, the people speak a different language. I love the city he lives in. It is old and pretty and the have all kinds of nice restaurants and cafe’s and nice shops. And hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow if the swimmingpool and sauna-complex is as nice as it seems on their website.


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