Me and my weight

Last week I put new batteries in my scale and weighed myself. The last time I did that had been three weeks before at my parents place, and before that it had been a while. At my parents place I weighed about 77kg (169,8lb), and now that number had suddenly turned into 80kg (176,4lb). In just three weeks! Without doing really weird stuff too…

That made me decide to cut the crap and really do something to start losing weight. I cut out chocolate and candy, and I already ate healthy so I’m just continuing doing that. And more fruit, I eat more fruit now. Instead of one piece a day, I now try to have at least two.

Today I my scale told me I weighed 77,2kg (170,2lb). Probably some of the weight of last week was also because I was about to have my period (that makes a difference of a kilo or 2 for me), but I like to credit myself a bit as well. Go me!

My goal is to get to 70kg(154,3lb) (which is quite a nice weight for someone 1,66m (5’4”)) and I’ll also go to a dietitian soon to get some extra perspective on my eating habits and such. And to have some extra “motivation” to really continue putting an effort into this, instead of quitting when I’m sick of it.

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