Start of a new beginning

I am a nuclear rainbow. My emotions are ever changing, and they make my mind and my feelings into my own personal battlefield. I’m in the last year-and-a-half of my studies, looking at the black hole that awaits me when I’m done. I deal with problems with my sexuality, which started out very large and real years ago, but has no shrunken into a very little thing which is hiding in the cupboard.  On top of that I’m just 1.66m tall and I weigh 80kg. Even I can see that’s a bit too much, so I’m also trying to lose weight.

My life is changing, and change should be noticed and recorded for future reference. And to think “wow, I’ve really come a long way”, hopefully, every once in a while. In a ongoing process, change comes slowly, sometimes so slow that progress is not seen. This blog is here to make the unseen change visible.


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